Updated 2013 VentureReport

The 2013 Ohio VentureReport, the first statewide overview of venture investing in the state, is based on responses from 48 investors, 34 of which are Ohio-headquartered.  Investors made 156 investments in 129 Ohio companies.

Ohio VentureReport 2013 shows that investors have $260 million in capital available for follow-on investments in existing companies and for new investments.  In an earlier report issued in June 2014, VentureOhio stated that there was a $523 million need for capital by the end of 2015 to fund growth in Ohio’s seed/start-up and early stage companies.

“We are pleased to contribute our first annual report to the public policy discussion of how to support Ohio’s entrepreneurs,” said Lisa Delp, Chair of VentureOhio’s Research Committee.  “Job creation by new companies is an important part of a healthy state economy.  Our reports shows that this process is alive and well in Ohio, but that it faces a severe shortfall in capital to fuel growth.”

Download the updated 2013 VentureReport